Sign Up For IWIL Leadership Classes

The Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership is accepting applications for the 2013 class. The program is open to all Illinois Democratic women who have a commitment to serve in public office and a willingness to commit the time necessary to participate fully.

To ensure that qualified candidates are not excluded due to financial constraints, IWIL pays for all major expenses (e.g., hotel accommodations when needed, most meals, and out-of-state travel). Delegates need only pay for in-state transportation, some meals and a few other incidentals.

To apply for the 2013 class, fill out the application which is available at this link. The application must be postmarked by midnight on October 15 to be considered by the Delegate Selection Committee.

IWIL is an educational not-for-profit (501[C][4]) organization that exists to encourage and train women to become effective leaders in Illinois government and politics.

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