Sign Up for Our Wisconsin Recall Phone Banks

The Wisconsin State Senate recall election is in under one week. Not only is this an opportunity to beat back the right wing, Tea Party driven agenda that has made it their mission to hurt working men and women, seniors, the poor, women of all ages and the middle class, its an opportunity to turn the national dialogue favorably toward Democrats.

Have you had enough of their radical agenda? Are you tired of Tea Party Republicans like Rep. Joe Walsh driving the national dialogue?

We are. So, we decided to do something about it. We are hosting phone banks across the state to make Get Out the Vote calls for the Democrats running in the WI State Senate recall election next Tuesday.

We’ve seen the polls. The Democrats in Wisconsin are close. And, we need to do everything we can to bring them across the (victory) finish line on Tuesday.

Join us in defeating this radical Tea Party agenda, help WI Democrats claim control the State Senate and begin the process of taking back our government.

Sign up here to join us at one of our phone banks!

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