About Us

Illinois Democratic Women (“IDW”) is a statewide grassroots organization working for more equitable representation and participation of Democratic women in all levels of the Democratic Party and government.

Our organization is comprised of mothers, wives, sisters, nurses, teachers, students, firefighters, environmentalists, activists, police officers, and retired women.

IDW works to unite this wonderful diversity of devoted women behind one common goal — the support of our party, and the involvement of women in the political process.


Now known as Illinois Democratic Women, the Illinois Democratic Women’s Caucus (IDWC) was founded in 1971 by five Illinois women who attended the Women’s Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Democratic National Committee. The conference encouraged the formation of Democratic women’s groups on a state by state basis to work for full and equal participation by women in party functions. The IDWC had its first statewide convention in November of 1971. In 1983, the Caucus was reorganized and renamed the Illinois Democratic Women.

IDW is an affiliate of the National Federation of Democratic Women, which was formed in October 1971. The Federation has two seats on the Democratic National Committee.

Paid for by Illinois Democratic Women. A copy of our report is available from the Illinois Board of Elections, elections.il.gov.