Double-Talking Congressman Joe Walsh Continued:

While we are all facing the high gas prices at the pump almost on a daily basis, we are also dealing with the continued rise in the cost of health care.

Let’s see how Double-Talking Joe feels about it:

Health Care Reform:

Congressman Walsh:there are 14 some million Americans and growing who are out there in the individual [health insurance] market who have a much tougher battle” than he and his wife (who has a pre-existing condition).

Congressman Walsh: “I can simply, honestly say that this is going to impact my wife and I to a fairly serious degree, like it would any average American out there”

Congressman Joe Walsh: “We will do what we have to do, to shut down the government if we have to, to choke Obamacare if we have to.”

So even though he realizes his own difficult situation is still better than “14 some million Americans,” Walsh still voted to repeal the health care reform bill that not only prevents insurance companies from limiting lifetime coverage but also prevents insurance companies from denying coverage or dropping a person due to pre-existing conditions—something he and his wife currently have to worry about.

When he is talking to voters, he understands the dire situation that Americans are facing across this country. But, the moment that he thinks our backs are turned, he votes against the very thing that will help that 14 million or so Americans facing closed emergency rooms, doctors who turn them away or the medication that is priced so high that they simply do without it.

Mr. Walsh—Your positions and values shouldn’t change with your audience.

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