Double Talking Joe

Need a sign the 2012 Election Cycle is in full swing? Just take a look at the GOP candidates talking out of both sides of their mouth.

One of the Congressmen with the most flexible mouth is Illinois’ very own Congressman Joe Walsh representing Illinois’ 8th District. So this week we’ve decided to take a look at some of the ways Congressman Walsh has been double-talking about some of the most important issues we’re facing.

We’ll begin with an issue we face at least once a week:

Subsidies for Oil, Gas, And Other Fossil Fuel Companies:

It seems like Congressman Walsh can’t seem to keep track of where he stands on the almost $4 billion per year US taxpayers pay to oil, gas, and other similar companies.

February 18: Congressman Joe Walsh voted against an amendment that would close a loophole allowing oil companies to drill in the Gulf of Mexico for free without paying any royalties. According to the press release from the House Committee on Natural Resources: “The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has estimated that taxpayers could lose up to an additional $53 billion over the next 25 years as a result of royalty-free drilling when oil prices are high. The Interior Department also informed Rep. Markey that American taxpayers will lose $1.5 billion just this year from this free drilling.” [emphasis ours]

April 28: After being confronted by an amazing constituent at a Schaumburg Town Hall meeting who asked “How about reforming the laws that give away our tax dollars to giant oil companies making record-breaking profits?” Joe Walsh replied: “Energy subsidies. Absolutely. Absolutely. Get rid of subsidies for oil companies.” [emphasis ours]

May 1: So after telling his constituents we should “Get rid of subsidies for oil companies”, Congressman Walsh voted against a motion to recommit proposed by House Democrats to cut the taxpayer-funded subsidies paid to the five largest oil companies. This year, Exxon Mobil alone is expecting a 50% increase in profits (not sure if that’s including what you’re paying at the gas pump and in your taxes)

So, Congressman Joe Walsh is for energy subsidies when he’s voting, but against them when campaigning.

Today’s lesson: Congressman Walsh wants you to pay oil companies at the pump and with your taxes but doesn’t want you to remember that when you head to the polls…

Tomorrow: Ol’ Joe and health care.

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