Easy Voting in 2010

We are all busy with jobs, families, soccer practice, community service — the list goes on and on.  You may intend to vote on Election Day but something comes up and don’t make it to your polling place in time.  Or maybe you forget until it’s too late.  Maybe you vote every election but know your neighbor, brother, sister, best friend who doesn’t.

Illinois has found a solution to this problem: Vote-by-Mail.

Here in Illinois, we are trying to make voting as convenient as possible.  Not only can you Early Vote in the weeks prior to Election Day, you can now vote by mail! In the past, voters could only absentee vote for a particular reason.

Not anymore. With a recent change in Illinois election law, voters can vote via absentee ballot, or “Vote-by-Mail”, without giving any reason. This means that any registered voter in Illinois can vote from the convenience of their home. Get your Vote-by-Mail application today.

And, talk to your neighbor, daughter, and coworker who voted for the first time in 2008—show them the importance of this election and the convenience of voting by mail.

Request your Vote-by-Mail ballot application here.  Sign up today and we’ll make sure you get your application and instructions to vote by mail this year! While we are collecting completed applications from voters now, these applications cannot be turned into their respective election authorities until September 23rd.

Easy. Quick. Makes a big difference.  Vote by mail this year and find one person you know who might not vote any other way—and have them join you.

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